This is us




We are Pickl United


A creative, full service, advertisement agency from Munich.

But, we are lateral, „outside the box“ thinkers. Just some kids with a thirst for emotion, rebellion, and realization.

As an advertisement agency with creative team members, we discover different ways of living and develop loving, bright and highly emotional stories, therefore finding the perfect address for every single inhabitant of this unique and diverse world.

We offer 360° advertisement and branded entertainment, design, social media and on air promotion. We are digital, but also stick to traditonal ways. We are creative in picture, tone and text- individually or all together. We take a classic advertising agency to a whole new level. We don’t know how it feels to stay inside the frame. We love extreme. We will take pebbles and turn them into diamonds.

We. Are. Here.



And how do you do that?


We strive to be an agency that works against trends fading away. As professionals we are up to date and know what we are talking about.

Through the extensive experience that this agency has, from TV, Movie, and Internet, pickl:united has its own unique presentation for brands. Ready from the start of private tv, we are active marketers and have a privilaged entry to all the creative heads in the industry.

pickl:united is a company dedicated to striving further, not holding back, in our ways of communication.

Our competence? Current and developing trends, being ahead of the game in order to produce the highest quality content, regardless if it is film, picture or text.

We promote award winning style, on all channels with a deep understanding for the demand of the brands endurance.

We are the future.



Who is interested in us


Here is a view of our clientelle list

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