picklunited meets Rockmuseum München

2019, Fresh, New, Rocking. Perfect for the Deep Purple exhibition, we are launching an innovative, noisy campaign for the Rockmuseum Munich.

Welcome to Rock!

Do you know the English saying "to hide in plain sight"? In German she would be comparable with the saying "one does not see the forest for the trees". The same goes for the Rock Museum in Munich. The musical treasure hides within one of Munich's biggest tourist attractions - directly on the visitors' platform of the Olympic Tower. Voluntarily operated, the Rock Museum Munich, near the clouds, only shows about 1% of probably the largest collection of unpublished photos, contemporary documents and instruments. Music history under the beautiful Munich sky, combined with a long walk over the Olympic Park and perfect transport links - that sounds like a good plan for the weekend.

Picklunited feels it!

Our campaign blends emotions with (signal) color to convey the ultimate 70's rocker feeling.

We showed Munich what Rock can mean in everyday agency life. Of course, you can hire someone who then smashes a guitar with his hammer at strategic locations in his well-equipped workshop - or you go to the courtyard of Lindwurmstraße 88, channeling your inner rock star and smash it on asphalt (and later on concrete pillars) , Of course, you can have numerous miniature schnapps sent - or you stand, gazing fixedly on the fear-filled eyes of the Edeka apprentice, early in the morning at the cash register.

And here we do not even talk about the fumes from countless spray cans to find the perfect neon color nuance. (FYI: there was a lot of chuckling) But: the result is impressive! The combination of provocative headlines, powerful signal colors, classic rock musician myths and emotional quotes makes our campaign for the Rock Museum Munich an absolute eye-catcher.

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