Add a new word to your lingo - Krass
Krass = Adjective: intense, badass, cool, strong, rad, (you get the point)



krasss case


Pickl United is the pioneer of this generations energy drinks. Get ready for the ZING. This drink gives „Krass“ energy. Its „Krass“ fruity. Simply „Krass“! Anti Establishement, and anti mainstream. We give other energy drinks a run for their money. Pickl United tears up wings.

Pickl United makes A „Krass“ energy drink even „Krasser“.

Pickl united wants to know: Is this drink too „Krass“ for you? „Krass“ taste, „Krass“ sharpness, „Krass“ look, simply a „Krass“ drink. An energy drink that calls for its akin. Natural in all aspects- design, taste, and sales outlets.

Pickl United is in development

It is not carved in stone that, as a „creative blacksmith“ from munich, one has to only deal with requests from customers. Why should there only be one direction of creativity? Pickl United takes this prejudice of „agency work“ and bends the rules.

The future of agencies lie not only in consulting or digitalization. According to Alexander Pickl, both are key in shaping the future, but the most important aspect lies in the development.

Innovative, creative products and marketing concepts tailor made fort he industry. Would there be a better definition of „win-win“? With Pickl United, yes. We let creativity run endlessly, and come up with new ideas effortlessly.

„Krass“ different“ – Krass: Energy

the latest product that pickl united brings to you, has thoroughly woken up the sleepy energy drink market. With „KRASSS“, we bring you a whole new taste tot he market: a wild mixture of fruity-sweet and spice. This makes you crave the naturalness of this drink- due to the low amount of artificial additives.

Celebrate „Different“

A special drink like „Krasss“ needs a special presentation and marketing. Alone through the taste, KRASSS gets a head start on other energy drinks. Therefore, it needs to live up to the „krass“ look and feel. „Are you Krasss enough to drink me?“ „Are you a follower or a leader?“ „Are you a lion or a sheep?“ The design of the can is unique- freaky, absurd, exciting. Just like the drink inside of it. If you’re Krass, you’ll love Krasss.

Krasss is too krass for ordinary retailers.

Those who want to give Krasss a try cannot just march into the grocery store next door and buy a 6 pack. The drink is too exclusive. The first batches of this work of art in a can, can be accessed exclusively at the merch stand oft he new „Erkan and Stefan 2019/2020 tour“.

„father in spirit“ and just simply by nature, erkan is Krass. Gen Z is more than just a distant concept. Thanks tot he dynamic Duo, Krass is more mainstream than manz other words in the german language. So, to get a Krass drink, one needs to have an Erkan and Stefan event nearby.

And then?
After analyzing, pickl united came tot he conclusion that the Krasss drink fits perfectly into the beverage fridges of german tattoo studios. Both artists and customers (canvases) need an energy kick during the hours of sessions. The natural ingredients and sharpness of the ginger not only increases circulation, but gives healthy and refreshing energy. At some point, this drink will be able to be accessed in retail. Probably sooner than later. We just dont want to scare anyone, because, who knows?

Maybe, Krasss can make you even Krasser.

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