Stierblut and Pickl United - a team for the KlinikClowns


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Ever felt the heart of Munich? It beats every corner, in every park, on the Eisbach and in every museum.

Away from Oktoberfest and Frauenkirche and yet very central, there are little paradises. Surrounded by tourism and mainstream in the epicenter of the city of Munich is Sendlinger Straße. Flanked by shops (which are becoming more and more mainstream leaning towards the set up of Marienplatz) you will find a veritable potpourri of delicacies, specialties and probably the most beautiful church in Munich (the Asamkirche is actually worth a visit, if you are interested in one of the most important buildings, of southern German late Baroque style). Directly across from this sleepy and squiggly beauty, next to a sleepy-looking fast-coffee-chain one finds "Stierblut".

If you know the assortment of KARE and their daughter Stierblut in Munich you know that it can only be classified very far away from the "mainstream". High-quality and exclusive fashion meets unusual home design. Star meets freak. Freak meets Normalo - the store at Sendlinger Tor is the essence of Munich. And now this special store and agency Pickl United have something new in the works.

Pickl United + Stierblut: For the Children!

With art for KlinikClowns Bayern!

But we would not be Pickl United if a charity project in which we have our fingers in the game would not only shake up, but also appeal to whole new masses. People who normally can not handle the classic charity idea.

16 hands - deco elements from KARE Munich. 16 top tattoo artists in Germany. 16 unique items. 1 big fundraiser.

Stierblut will display the 16 artworks in the shop window of their shop for the next few weeks. From xx.09, the uniquely painted hands will be auctioned online. (Little Tip: Follow @Stierblut on Instagram and Facebook) Everyone is allowed to bid - the only requirement: the purse must be loose! The proceeds will then go 100% to the KlinikClowns Bayern e.V and benefit the volunteers and the joy-makers.

Der KlinikClowns Bayern e.V.

So much effort - for whom?
Thinking of clinic clowns, you might immediately have Robin Williams' "Patch Adams" in your head (or a panic attack, as the case may be): clowns that make the hospital stay of seriously ill children bearable, sunny, and better. Laughter is the best medicine. But not only for children. If you go to the website of the KlinikClowns Bayern e.V. ( you quickly see that these wonderful people are not just taking care of the little ones and taking away their fear. But also regularly with seniors, seriously ill adults, people with disabilities. They provide sunshine and live in a gray environment - one smile at a time. (If you can not bid on a hand and you still want to do something: you can donate anytime. You can find information on the associations website.)

Outstanding art for marginal people - the perfect match

Anyone who has read our [insert hyperlink] decadence.reloaded magazine will know we stand for the art of tattooing. Although tattoos are becoming increasingly popular, they are still being pushed to the margins of society due to numerous prejudices. Tattoos are still considered antisocial or even criminal. But we at Pickl United are convinced - and when you look at the matter, you can see the fine and grave differences immediately, that tattoos rise slowly, but steadily in the luxury segment.

Nevertheless, as a tattooed person you remain on the margins of society. Classified as "the other" - as well as people with disabilities, with serious illness or even a very old age. Everything "Other" is displaced and forgotten by the large pool of society.

That is why we want to put the work of the KlinikClowns in the light of society - with art that is invariable, even though it indulges in its existence on the margins of society. And Stierblut as a well-known store - recognized by stars and mainstream and freaks is the perfect microphone and vehicle to move the topic into the center of society.

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