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Pickl United makes sleeping sexy again.

Away from the eternal anatomy theme! Sure, a good, high quality mattress is important for ones back health and thus for ones overall wellbeing. But as with any topic, this one can pack so much better!

Away from the cold, hospital vibe colors. Away from the clinical look & feel. Away from the professional doctor's office atmosphere paired with a decidedly familiar-dreamy Stock Photography. Pickl United has given Novaluna a new look - Young. Modern. Urban. Colorful. A good night's sleep is not only healthy, but makes the dreamer the doer.

Pickl United and Novaluna - new look. New attitude to life.

Sleep - the best hobby in the world.
From a certain age you have a special hobby. It is socially recognized among peers, but not yet (if it should be) in the mainstream. This special hobby is: sleeping. Sink in nothingness. "Just close your eyes for a second." Let yourself be surrounded by a dark weightlessness. Open your inner eyes to a new, unknown and wonderful world full of symbolism and conflicts that can not be fought on the surface. As we sleep, we gather strength, energy and clarity for the upcoming day. Only after a good night's sleep can we meet the dangers of everyday life. And the night is only relaxing with a high quality and individually adapted mattress.

The good night's sleep - as individual as the sleeper.
As we have already established: Good sleep is important. It is the foundation for an active life. Only with good sleep, can we fulfill our dreams. Only with a good night's sleep can we find the energy and power to shape our lives how we want to. And good, restful sleep is only possible with the right mattress. A commodity that brings luxury. The luxury of well-being. The perfect mattress must adapt to the sleeper - and not the other way around. That's why customers are pestering everyday with terms like "memory foam", "as if on a cloud" and "health promoting".

The customer, sleep-seeker and normal person eventually loses the overview, tries it with test sleep and at the end, has a traditional mattress. There are fantastic alternatives to the conventional mattress:
Enter Novaluna!

Decades of experience and a vision: Novaluna Fine Escapes AG

The Novaluna sleep systems have been known for decades for their high quality and sleeping comfort. And like every pioneer in his field, Costa Bareuther, CEO of Novaluna Fine Escapes AG, is for all things sleep and innovations in sleep systems and products. His vision is pretty clear: away from the clinical presentation of the mattress. Away from old talking points. Mattresses as an absolute luxury item - as unique and individual as the sleeper.

Thanks to an intensive consultation, the perfect mattress can be adapted to the customer. Only in this way does the famous "sleeping as on clouds" happen. Only then will the user get a product that will last for years to come. And if something changes in the living conditions (as always something changes over the years) you can adjust the mattress with a few simple steps. Novaluna - a mattress that adapts to any body.

Novaluna - Hightech meets Spirit

Many mattress manufacturers advertise that their product has turned science upside down. Many advertise with the best sleep ever. It can be everything.

But: Novaluna Fine Escapes AG has over 20 years of experience in the field of optimized mattress manufacturing. Technology, science and the belief in a perfect product enter into an inseparable symbiosis here. Thanks to a unique modular system, you as a customer can quickly and easily build your own, individual mattress - not like how it is with IKEA products, but really easy in just a few steps with easy-to-understand instruction film. Each item is stylishly packed and sent directly to the customer's home. Consulting, selection and construction happens quite comfortably from home. The advantage of the modular system? You can reorder the components individually and can always adjust to changes.

Pickl United brings color into medical cold

It quickly became clear to Pickl United agency that a special concept had to be staged in particular. When we went online, we had to get away from the barren, coldness. The goal is to stray away from generic scenes: no families curling up on the mattress, no spine being looked at by serious-looking physicians. No milky gloss on the pages with too much or too little text.

The mattress from Novaluna is a luxurious product. It gives the sleeper energy and strength to put his dreams into action. "Living his dream" can be taken literally. And hardly a dream that you want to realize with open eyes, is really bare, cold and colorless. But on the contrary!

With our new color concept and high-quality double exposure we bring dream worlds into reality. Everyone is addressed. Everyone can identify. Everyone needs Novaluna.

As a result, the website of Novaluna Fines Escapes AG explodes in colors, coupled with easily understandable and entertaining information. An image film and an interview with CEO Costa Bareuther brings the customer closer to the Novaluna philosophy and takes them into the world of mattress - which is so much more than one superficially believes.

Intense social media and online marketing complete the first steps of the new appearance of Novaluna.

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