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Pickl United - In the fast lane

Why not reach for the stars? Why not steer toward the ideal lane and break away from the ordinary? Because we do many things differently, we are looking in the direction of motorsport. Why? Because we can.

Pickl United: Fighting for Rennsport

An advertising agency from Munich sets off on an unusual journey to conquer motorsport. Armed with cameras, direction and a crazy vision, they invaded the legendary Hockenheimring and returned home victorious after long, productive hours.

A fascinating trailer from Pickl United was created, the gentlemen of the Hockenheimring were angry (and soothed again) and a brand was born.

Team Nico Racing from Munich: Power becomes a brand

Branding at its best.
It's like a story from a modern cartoon series. Here is the synopsis: Boy is a motorsport fan. Follows his passion on the computer and the console. At the age of 19, climbs into a go-kart for the first time and sets the track record - the best of all time. The story could end here. Then it would be meaningless and quickly told. An anecdote. Nothing more than a chat you have with a post work beer. But it is not.

Carelessness meets creative madness

Of course, you can't let a story like that end right at the beginning. That's why Pickl United grabbed this exceptional young talent and gave him the chance of a lifetime: Test days on the Hockenheimring.

3 days of pure adrenaline - tested on heart, nerves and kidneys. With drama, shock and film comeback. And we knew: the boy has a future in motorsport.

A film, professional trainer and several requests from F4 teams later, the "Nico" brand is in full development. If we attach importance to traditional safety, we would advise you to fasten your seat belt - but actually we prefer to stay in the pits, close at hand and feel the engine howl through our veins from a safe distance and join in the fever every second.

Do you want to come?

Sponsoring - Networking for clever people

Being an active sponsor of Nico Fahland means not only actively supporting a young talent, but above all being part of a great adventure.

Direct and close to the action. Screeching engines, uncontrollable adrenaline rushes - caused by a unique scenery and noise: hot rubber, fast screws, rushing cars. And at the same time VIP status. What an experience! What a fiery topic of conversation with invited guests. What a unique networking backdrop.

The future of contact: events, exclusivity and experience.

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