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Our Decadence Magazine is a true well rounded, high-quality, lavishly staged images meet intelligent text and themes that, at first glance, have nothing to do with the main theme. But if you dare to look around the corner, you can not only be blinded by the obvious, then you see the connection - cleverly packaged, cleverly produced, cleverly conceived. We combined the World Cup with voodoo rituals, giving our readers the chance to broaden their horizons.


Full sin - Decadence.reloaded.

After much too long, Pickl United has reissued Decadence magazine - with a bang! The first issues are dedicated to very specific topics: the 7 deadly sins. Issue 1 "Pride".

What do you associate with arrogance? Already in art one finds different approaches to the topic. The most well-known is probably the Vanitas still life: The silent reference to the transience of all being. The mirror and the butterfly as a symbol of vanity and approaching decay.

But Pickl United has chosen a completely different way in his self-presentation. The arrogance in advertising, built on sand, sound and cigarette smoke. The vanity in the high art, deformed by tattoos, which themselves represent a pop cultural art form. Still frowned upon and yet priced in the oh-so-respected mainstream culture. Do you want to know more?

Ask for our limited edition magazine and browse the latest issue.

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